Everything you never knew you needed post-birth.

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One kit, eight essentials.

Created by mamas who have walked in the same swollen shoes, this kit provides the most-needed medical supplies for new moms in the immediate days after giving birth.


Why didn't anyone tell me I'd need all this?

We. feel. you. We didn't really know what we were in for until it was happening. Let Mor help you feel a little more prepared.

Give a little Mor.

Mor makes the ultimate baby shower gift. Grab one for your friend today to show you care as much about them as you do their baby-to-be. Trust us, your friend will be more thankful for this than anything else on their registry. Expecting soon? Be prepared and get one for yourself.


The nuturing solution to your body's post-pregnancy surprises.

This time should be about your baby, not unexpected bodily surprises. Mor is here to help by providing all the goods you didn't know you would need.