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Forbes: "This Women-Led Company Gives New Moms the Things They Actually Need."

"It may not seem like a sexy gift registry addition, but the Mor for Moms package is an innovative and desperately needed addition to the baby industrial complex."


CBS Washington: 'Everything you never knew you needed after childbirth' | D.C. moms develop self-care kits for new mothers

"Two D.C. moms realized they weren't fully prepared to take care of themselves when they got home from the hospital... So, they developed a kit with self-care essentials and a company: Mor for Moms."



Upworthy: "This Taboo-Breaking New Company Finally Gives New Mothers What They Really Need After Childbirth. Moms Are Loving It."

"It's called the 'fourth trimester' and most new moms are completely unprepared for it." 


Thrive: "Why Didn't Anyone Tell Us? What Moms Really Need After Giving Birth."

"When you think you have everything you need for baby's arrival, it's easy to overlook Mom's self-care."

Thrive: "I Was a Full Believer in Work-Life Balance, And Then I Had a Baby"


"If we’re able to accept feelings as the new normal, we’ll be in a better place to find success in both areas."


 STARTUP SPOTLIGHT -- “This Women-Led Company Gives New Moms the Things They Actually Need”



The Tommy Show: "Entrepreneur Develops a Self-Care Kit for New Moms"

Kiki Burger founder of Mor For Moms is a mom, entrepreneur, developed a self-care kit for new moms, makes for a great gift for all the things you never knew you needed.



"Hooray for mamas supporting mamas...including all our bits! Mor for Moms is a self-care kit for new moms to help them heal after giving birth."


"This is a package to support YOU when you come home from the hospital. Everyone focuses on baby so much and its important to know what you will need." -written by a friend in a card to her expectant friend


"This is amazing! I am a 3 month postpartum momma...3 kids later I really wish this was around when my first came into the world. Especially since I was a single mom at the time. This is really cool and I cannot wait to gift this to my friends." --some Instagram love from a mother of three


"What a great box of self-care items and I can't tell you how much I appreciate your thoughtfulness. Now understanding post-delivery care, Mor for Moms is sure to be a hit." -a new mom


"OMG,  this is amazing. 100% ordering it. Anything that will keep me from going to CVS asking for iced pads." -a soon-to-be dad


"Everything you could possibly need (that you have no idea about) for your little baby face." -written by a friend in a card to her expectant friend


“Thank you so much for the post baby mom box-truly all the things I’ve heard whispers that I’ll need but have been too overwhelmed to track down.” - in a thank you note to a friend who gifted her the box


 Thank you so so so much for the Mor for Moms kit!! I can’t tell you how much I appreciate it! I am so clueless about what I need - this has really taken away so much of my anxiety” -a first-time mom-to-be

"A lifesaver! I am so grateful for you and that true box of gold!" -a first-time mom