What if I or my friend has a c-section?

A majority of the products in the Mor self-care kit are helpful to both moms that had a vaginal or a c-section birth. As we grow we hope to develop a kit specific for just c-section moms (think a scar cream instead of Tuck’s medicated pads) but we’ve heard from moms that went through both that our kit was a lifesaver.

Typically how quick does it take to ship?

A kit typically leaves our warehouse in 2-3 business days and ships priority shipping of 2-3 business days, meaning you can expect your package to arrive within 4-6 days. If you need it quicker, please state in the notes section and we will try to get it out of the warehouse same-day, meaning it will arrive in 2-3 days.

What does Mor mean?

Mor represents a few important things to us. Firstly, “mor” means “mother” in Scandinavian languages, which reflects the background of both our families (Amelia, Danish and Kiki, Norwegian). While we were pregnant we both learned so much from these countries about what new mothers were provided in terms of medical care and maternity leave and we aspired for our company to fill the gaps for new moms we see here in America. That leads us to the word “mor” itself, “more,” as in we need to give our new mother’s more self-care support, more dialogue around these needs and more empowerment.  

Other questions? Email us at hi@morformoms.com



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